Advanced Open Water Course

Scuba Diving Courses

Entry Level Courses


This is where it all begins…this is your first step to the Underwater World

a) Resort course from Dauin Beach          1 dive    2950

b) Resort course + 1 extra dive               2 dives   3950

c) Resort course at Apo Island                 2 dives   5950

SCUBA DIVER                                    

This course is designed to provide a link to the Open Water

Course. Ideal for those with a limited amount of time.

a) Scuba Diver Course - Dauin Beach         2 dives  12500

b) Scuba Diver Course at Apo Island          2 dives   16000

OPEN WATER DIVER                                

You will be rewarded with recognition and licensed to dive

world-wide on completion of your Open water course.

a) OW Course 4 dives from Dauin Beach                 17000

b) OW Course with 2 beach / 2 boat dives Apo       19500


Time to step up and explore the adventurer in you.

There are 5 dives including Navigation and Deeper diving techniques.

a) Advance Adventure Course 5 local dives           14000

b) Advance with 2 beach / 3 boat dives Apo Is      16500

c) Advance with 2 daytrips to Apo Island               19000

SPECIALTY DIVER COURSE                              

Includes 2 chosen specialties - 12500

Includes 4 chosen specialties - 22500

Enriched Air / Nitrox Diver Theory Only - 5500

Enriched Air / Nitrox Diver inc 2 dives –7500

Deep Diver - 7500 

Wreck Diver - 7500

Night and Limited Visibility - 7500

Search and Recovery - 6500

Boat Diver - 6500

Waves Tides and Currents - 6500

Underwater Naturalist / Fish Identification - 6500

Underwater Digital Photographer - 7500

Perfect  Buoyancy - 6500


The course will teach you CPR and First Aid techniques and can be credited to any working environment - 7500


Learn how to care for yourself and others in this most rewarding program

Directly off Dauin Beach - 16000

Includes optional trip to Apo Island -18500


If you have been out the water for a while and need

a refresher then this is the course for you.Finely tune your skills and practice with a dive in Dauin Sanctuary - 2950



Amazing Local Dive Sites including -

Dauin Sanctuary, Car Wreck, Ship Wreck, Manit, Atlantis,

El Dorado, Pura Vida, Masaplod and Bahura

Prices for certified divers includes equipment, transfers and park fees* - No hidden extras!

1-3 Dives – @1590 per dive

4-6 Dives  - @1540 per dive

7-10 Dives -@1490 per dive 

10+ Dives – @1390 per dive

Night Dives - @1890 per dive

* Underwater cameras have an additional 60 peso National park fee


Daytrip Prices to World Class Apo Island

*Apo Island 3 Dive Trip – 4950

​​​​​* Apo Island 2 Dive Trip - 3950

Non Diver / Snorkeler – 1650

Apo Island trips are inclusive of equipment, transfers, lunch and park fees - No hidden extras!

Rental Equipment per day 

Snorkeling Equipment Rental – 250

Diving Computer Rental – 250

Camera Rental - 500 per day

Nitrox Cylinder Rental 250 per dive

Own Equipment 10% Discount

** Please note we recommend all divers carry adequate insurance as our cancellation policy is as follows   -

If you cancel your dives/package:

  • 7 days or more to dive/package date - full refund of payment less credit card / paypal transaction fee
  • Less than 24 hours a 100% charge
  • A no show for whatever reason, including but not limited to flight delays, hangovers or just not getting out of bed will mean loss of payment! 
  • For guided dives you may change the date of your reservation for free if you advise us more than 48 hours before the dive date and alternative dates are available.
  • Our Diving Courses operate on a Pro-Rata basis meaning if you cannot complete or decide diving is not for you then we ask that you pay proportionally.

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