Advanced Open Water Course

Scuba Diving Courses

Entry Level Courses


This is where it all begins…this is your first step to the Underwater World

a) Resort course from Dauin Beach       1 dive    2950

b) Resort course + 1 extra dive               2 dives   3950

c) Resort course at Apo Island               2 dives   5950

SCUBA DIVER                                    

This course is designed to provide a link to the Open Water

Course. Ideal for those with a limited amount of time.

a) Scuba Diver Course - Dauin Beach         2 dives  14000

b) Scuba Diver Course at Apo Island          2 dives   16500

OPEN WATER DIVER                                

You will be rewarded with recognition and licensed to dive

world-wide on completion of your Open water course.

a) OW Course 4 dives from Dauin Beach                 18000

b) OW Course with 2 beach / 2 boat dives Apo Island       20500


If you have been out of the water for awhile and need a refresher then this the course for you. 

We will finely tune your skills with a dive in Dauin Sanctuary            2950


Time to step up and explore the adventurer in you.

Choose the 5 dives which you are interested in and we will ensure that you have the experience and training in Advance diving techniques.

a) Advance Adventure Course 5 local dives           15000

b) Advance with 2 beach / 3 boat dives Apo Isand      17500



CPR and First Aid techniques as well as Oxygen management and can be credited to any working environment      8000


Learn how to care for yourself and others in this most rewarding program

Directly off Dauin Beach - 18000

Includes optional trip to Apo Island 20500



Amazing Local Dive Sites including -

Dauin Sanctuary, Car Wreck, Ship Wreck, Manit, Atlantis,

El Dorado, Pura Vida, Masaplod and Bahura

Prices for certified divers includes equipment, transfers and park fees* - No hidden extras!

1-3 Dives – @ 1650 per dive

4-6 Dives  - @ 1590 per dive

7-10 Dives -@ 1540 per dive 

10+ Dives – @ 1450 per dive

Night Dives - @ 1990 per dive

* Underwater cameras have an additional 60 peso National park fee


Daytrip Prices to World Class Apo Island

*Apo Island 3 Dive Trip – 4950

​​​​​*Apo Island 2 Dive Trip - 3950

Non Diver / Snorkeler – 1850

Camera Fee at Apo Island - 100

Apo Island trips are inclusive of equipment, transfers, lunch and park fees - No hidden extras!

Rental Equipment per day 

Snorkeling Equipment Rental – 350

Diving Computer Rental – 350

Camera Rental - 500 per day

Nitrox Cylinder Rental on request

Own Equipment 10% Discount

** Please note we recommend all divers carry adequate insurance as our cancellation policy is as follows   -

If you cancel your dives/package / course

  • 7 days or more to dives/package / course  - full refund of payment less credit card / PayPal transaction fee
  • Less than 24 hours a 100% charge
  • A no show for whatever reason, including but not limited to flight delays, hangovers or just not getting out of bed will mean loss of payment! 
  • For guided dives you may change the date of your reservation for free if you advise us more than 48 hours before the dive date and alternative dates are available.
  • Our Diving Courses operate on a Pro-Rata basis meaning if you cannot complete or decide diving is not for you then we ask that you pay proportionally - Fair for you and the Instructor and company.

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