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The Iconic Boluarte Rock
Boluarte Rock
Dive Site: Coconut
small reef fish at Coconut
Coconut can be a challenging dive depending on; the time of year, the tides & the moon.
Between Nov-May there are often strong currents that create a washing machine effect.
Jump aboard the Coconut express & hang there as the current pushes you along.
Coconut is teaming with fish, the usual suspects include, huge groupers, schools of bigeye jacks,
angelfish, schooling bannerfish, turtles & a whole lot more.
This is a dive site for the more experienced diver.
Dive Site: Cogon
bumphead parrotfish, Cogon
Cogon is a moderately paced drift dive most of the year,
although occasionally strong currents can occur here.
The highlight of this dive is the huge school of
spiralling giant trevally towards the end of the dive.
Other critters include peacock mantis shrimps,
scribbled filefish & bumphead parrotfish.
Dive Site: Mamsa
Closed due to typhoon damage
Dive Site: Kan-Uran
Closed due to typhoon damage
Dive Site: Largahan
volcanic bubbles at Largahan
Famous for its geothermal volcanic bubbles rising from the sand,
this is a great macro dive site: little dragonfish, skeleton shrimp, jawfish,
as well as ribbon eels, fluorescent pink tube anenomes and moray eels.
Dive Site: Sanctuary
Closed due to typhoon damage
Dive Site: Chapel
chapel reef
A great dive site for both beginners & experienced divers
A beautiful wall dive with a stunning soft coral garden shelf.
It's common to spot green and hawksbill turtles at this divesite.
Dive Site: Katipanan

Katipanan is covered in beautiful soft corals.
A nice easy dive, with slight currents at worse.
A favorite hang out for sea turtles,
they love to nestle between the corals.
Dive Site: Rock East
surgeon fish, Rock East
Rock East is a wall dive.
Common creatures include sea snakes,
frog fish, blue fin trevally
Dive Site: Rock West
corals at Rock West
Rock West is a gradual sloping wall.
Bursting with marine life; schools of redtooth triggerfish, scorpionfish, frogfish,
turtles, sea snakes, even the occasional manta ray has also been spotted here.
Rock West is home to a huge diversity of corals...not to be missed.
A great dive for all abilities.